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Recently I was contacted by a long-term customer (Wilson Learning Baltics) with a request to build a responsive web learning application for their business needs. This was quite an easy task for me, in fact I have been built a similar web app for this customer some time ago already. I was provided with an example site on global learning portal, see it here CSP Mobile APP and asked to localize this app into Latvian. In fact all the localization task was already done and I was provided with one large .docx and .pdf file (.pdf just a mirror version) with all texts translated, so it was my turn to build this app from scratch and add content on it.

In short this web app teaches 4 very important steps in customer relationships - how to establish trust, how to identify needs, how to present your solution, and how to assure satisfaction, in case a user don't know were to start he/she is provided with a simple questionnaire form, answering on a few questions user can start exploring is there some ways he/she could improve his/her sales process.

To perform this task I took Drupal as content management system (Drupal is great for building web apps), created a custom Bootstrap responsive sub theme and after a couple of hours finished this task. The fun fact I built this app in my new rural country house.

Meet - Responsive Web app to learn how to prepare for your next sales call desktop version desktop version

The recipe for this site was simple - Drupal 7 as content management system, Custom Responsive Bootstrap sub theme and a few Drupal modules. Most hard work on this web app is done by Drupal views and node reference modules.

What I like about web apps - it's a questionnaire function, and this web app is no expectation it features a very neat questionnaire form, just in case user don't know where to start. 

Quiz form on

Quiz form on

Answering on a few simple questions, trainee can see his/her existing progress on work with his/her existing customer

Result form on

Result form on

This questionnaire was built by using custom JavaScript code (no Drupal modules involved here)

Responsive design

Responsive version

Responsive version

By using Drupal and Bootstrap theme it took just a few additional CSS selectors to make this web app fully responsive

Reference from the client

I asked to the client, could he provide a simple reference on tasks I have performed and here is what I got:

We have been working with Reinis already from 2010, when he have built the first version of our webpage. The best advantages for us to work with Reinis are his responsibility, responsiveness, short terms and fair investments for the job well done. We are regularly receiving the advice and new ideas how to develop and improve our web presence. Recently we have developed the mobile versions of useful applications and have good ideas for further development, thanks to Reinis.

Jānis Straumēns
Wilson Learning Baltics Ltd.
Please feel free to contact me for your next learning application development! 


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