Responsive design

How To Make Floating Blocks in Drupal Using Module


In this article you will learn how to make blocks on your Drupal site to float using a simple, and yet powerful module - Floating block. Here are some other cool tutorials you might find interesting: How To Display Social Share Buttons On Drupal Taxonomy Pages Floating social share buttons (without using modules) How to align Facebook like, Google + and Twitter buttons? (CSS tricks) Facebook like button for Drupal site  Drupal Floating Block From module creators: The Floating block module…

Change of Adsense placement for higher CTR - Experiment 2


I have been serving Google AdSense on my blog for a while. My traffic is pretty modest and so do is my earnings from Google AdSense. I have CTR about 0.7% on this blog, and I want to improve that, by getting at least 1% CTR. Some time ago I made the first experiment with changing layouts for serving ads. That didn't work as expected, and I'm changing again. Meet the new layout: For now, I am serving maximum allowed Google AdSense ad units on my site - 3. I have placed first under Title,…

My first mobile post


<p>My first mobile post using Drupal powered blog.</p>

Add Viewport in the <head> in Drupal 7


In this Drupal Tutorial I will show how to add a new HTML in Drupal 7 head section. I'm using responsive design to enable my blog work pretty ok on mobile devices, but yesterday looking through Google PageSpeed Insights suggestions I found that there is no viewport defined, so it might not render CSS as I might want, but instead to scale webpage to device. Your page does not have a viewport specified. This causes mobile devices to render your page as it would appear on a desktop browser,…

Responsive website - should I convert my site?


<p>Should I concern about mobile browsers? Should I optimize my site for responsive browsing? Yes and no!</p><p>At first - yes, you should invest some time and money to build a mobile devices friendly site. If your site visitors uses Facebook and or twitter, and you promote your content in those sites - answer is - you definitely should have a responsive site:</p><p><strong>Take a look of device use in 2012</strong></p><p><img src="…

Getting Started with Building a Drupal Site from Scratch: Content Types, Fields


Building a website, whether it's using Drupal or not, requires careful planning and consideration. It's important to determine what the purpose of the website is, who the target audience is, and what value it will bring to your business. For instance, if the website is for a tourism company that offers fishing, hunting, and skiing tours, the first step would be to gather high-quality photos that showcase the destinations and activities offered. This could involve hiring a professional…