Restaurant Antre Batono Ubisa

Restaurant Antre Batono Ubisa is located near the Ubisa village in the region of Imereti, Georgia some 170 km from Tbilisi.

We made a stop here and discovered this lovely place, while traveled to Batumi via Tbilisi - Senaki - Leselidze highway at the end of April 2019.

This place serves typical Georgian cuisine, VISA is accepted and last, but not least prices are considerably lower if compared to the Tbilisi restaurants.

Outdoor territory at Antre Batono

The outdoor territory at Antre Batono

Lovely reminds me of the places seen in Greece or Spain

Fresh cucumber / tomato salads

Fresh cucumber/tomato salads

Restaurant Antre Batono near Ubisa

Restaurant Antre Batono near Ubisa

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