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Launching Concierge service in Tbilisi and Georgia

April 02, 2017
Here comes a brief update on my tourism activities in Georgia, after successfully implemented organized tours in Georgia service, I've decided to push to the new limits and as of the start of April 2017, have re-launched  - platform listing tour packages in Georgia. Tourgeorgia.EU, originally...

42 Beautiful Places To Visit in Tbilisi and Georgia

March 31, 2017
As usual in April 1st (and not because of that's a Worldwide Fool's day) I' m celebrating another year since I've relocated to Georgia. This year (2017) marks already 6 year anniversary for me living in Georgia. 6 years? Gosh, that's a lot. During the past years, I've traveled Georgia a lot. Book an...

How I turned my Instagram account into a Photo Blog

July 12, 2014
In April I bought my first ever "smartphone" - Android phone with Dual SIM... It actully has WI-Fi router built in and in days I have no "ground" Wi-FI I can use Mobile Internet to connect to my laptop. Anyway - I'm very satisfied with my first Android phone.I must admit I'm using phone for it's sole purpose - to call...

Flickr vs Instagram apps - first thoughts

April 25, 2014
I have been testing for a while to turn my phone into publishing machine by taking pictures and uploading them to picture services like Instagram and Flickr. And then syncing them to my blog and to tourgeorgia.One thing I didn't know - If you wish to add a location to your photo, make sure your GPS is turned on, and...

Some magic with Drupal, Flickr and Georgia

April 24, 2014
Update: Further developments of both and instagram wall have been stopped. I have created a new Travel Map section instead. Since I bought my first Android phone so many new thoughts and ideas has run through my head - I mean in opportunities of development. One of them I already realized - I created...

Tourgeorgia.EU hits TOP 500k list

January 30, 2014
This morning checking Alexa stats I noticed that my beloved Tourgeorgia.EU has reached Top 500k list in Alexa rank. If precise then this site ranks 484,018. In country Georgia, site ranks 119.You may have noticed, that I have started monitor Alexa traffic ratings this year, and as well I have expressed my doubts of...

Tourgeorgia.EU hits TOP million list

January 12, 2014
Wow!! Just wow! It took les than 10 days, to rank in TOP million visited sites, according to What's next? Well, how cool it may sound to be in TOP million, it's not the most precise data to rely on. But keeping up, and moving to TOP 500 000 - may be next priority. As you...

My blog ranks 823 in Georgia according to Alexa

January 05, 2014
Yesterday I shared my joy - how Tourgeorgia.EU ranks 664 in Georgia. Today to my surprise I found that my personal blog in Georgia ranks 823 and Globally 2.017.516Well, taking in consideration fact that last month my blog made modest 74 unique visitors, it hard to believe, that it's enough to rank high in Alexa rank....

Tourgeorgia.EU ranks 664 in Georgia

January 04, 2014
This year has started surprisingly great - today I found that Tourgeorgia.EU ranks NR 664 in Georgia, and 1.665.625 globallySome time ago, I posted that I'm willing to see Tourgeorgia.EU in raiting in top 1000 list. For few days we are making at top 400. See how Tourgeorgia.EU ranks in Alexa hereJust 2...

Another sunny day in Tbilisi

December 22, 2013
Made Some random shots from Tbilisi, for Tourgeorgia.EU December 22th, 2013. Georgians are getting ready for New Year celebration on January 7th.

1000 fan mark reached

December 15, 2013
Today, Facebook fan page of Tourgeorgia.EU reached 1000 fans mark!  To reach 1000 fans it took about 2 and half years :) But by the end of 2014 we are willing see at least 5000 fans. You can follow Tourgeorgia.EU Facebook fan page here.

Most visited Georgian sites

December 11, 2013
After living in Georgia for almost 2 and a half years I still haven't found any reliable traffic analyzer, except Alexa and local statistics. Today I'll try to put both of them in one pot, and make some analysis. According to Alexa: Rank Name Alexa rank 1

One day experiment with Facebook scheduled posts

November 16, 2013
I must admit - I'm huge fan of scheduling things. It makes life much easier. As you might noticed even this blog works hand to hand with scheduled posts. Today I decided to make an experiment with scheduled Facebook posts for a page. Background: I have created and maintain a portal Tourgeorgia.EU - Georgia...