Restaurant 'Vero Cinese' Milan (via Boscovich)

Updated: 17 January, 2022 seen 47

Restaurant 'Vero Cinese'  is located on Boscovich street in Milan, Italy. This place serves Chinese cuisine. 

We had a chance to dine here in November 2019, during our few day trip to Italy, with stop in Milano. 

I find it always interesting browsing through the travel photos and finding these places on map. It wasn't hard to map Ristorante Vero Cinese.

Restaurant 'Vero Cinese' Milan (via Boscovich)

Restaurant 'Vero Cinese' Milan (via Boscovich)

We were traveling with our toddler baby girl, so we ordered something toddler friendly.

The staff speaks excellent Italian, but little English. This was not our typical Tbilisi Chinese restaurant, this was totally different. 

Soem dumplings and Chinese tea

Some dumplings and Chinese tea

Soup with egg

Soup with egg



The Bottom Line

All as good, our bill here some EUR 40


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