Restaurant Wineland Telavi

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Restaurant Wineland is located close to the town of Telavi in the region of Kakheti, Georgia.

We discovered it in early January 2020 while driving Tbilisi - Tsinandali (via Gombori pass), as it was getting late already and we were approaching our final destination in Tsinandali  (Odo's house) we started to look for some cozy restaurant to have dinner. ​

Luckily, Restaurant Wineland appeared on the roadside. Now there is one more restaurant I know and can recommend in Telavi, see Telavi restaurants

Restaurant Wineland near Telavi

Restaurant Wineland near Telavi

As usual, it happens to us in Georgia, we were the only guests here. As I'm already used to it, I actually enjoy it a lot. 

Also, we visited Wineland restaurant just shortly New Year, so there were still left decorations from Christmas. 

Dinner at Wineland restaurant near Telavi

Dinner at Wineland restaurant near Telavi

Restaurant Wineland serves typical Georgian cuisine, mcvadi, khachapuri, salads, some lemonades, and coffees. Really cozy place (despite lack of other people)

The Bottom Line

Regarding the price, well compared to other places in the vicinity, restaurant Wineland is pretty pricey, for a dinner here we paid more than GEL 130 (our typical bill usually is under GEL 100)

Despite a bit pricey, the food is delicious, the atmosphere is cozy. Highly recommend. 


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