Enzo’s Ezo Italian Restaurant in Kakheti


Discover chef Enzo’s Italian yard  with a positive vibe and happy atmosphere in the center of Chateau Mere hotel, close to Telavi  It's said that the place serves home-made simple rustic Italian food and 36 hours of rising dough pizza. We had a chance to dine here at the start of October 2020, ordered some quattro formaggi pizza, salads, pasta…

Kapiloni Restaurant in Telavi


Kapiloni restaurant in Telavi is located on Barnovi street 10, just opposite to the King Erekle museum. I had a chance to visit this place at the start of July, during our trip to the Lopota lake Kapiloni restaurant serves typical Georgian cuisine for quite affordable prices Ojakhuri at Kapiloni restaurant Ojakhuri is the generic name for…

Restaurant Wineland Telavi


Restaurant Wineland is located close to the town of Telavi in the region of Kakheti, Georgia. We discovered it in early January 2020 while driving Tbilisi - Tsinandali (via Gombori pass), as it was getting late already and we were approaching our final destination in Tsinandali  (Odo's house) we started to look for some cozy restaurant to have…

Restaurant by Plane Tree / Telavi


Restaurant by Plane Tree in Telavi is located next to the Giant Plane Tree. Because of a touristic spot, prices at this restaurant is well above the average, though the food is delicious. Restaurant by Plane Tree Cucumber/tomato salads

Weekend trip to Telavi (Georgia) and Vicinty


This is a short recap article about our latest trip to the region of Kakheti in Western Georgia, during a weekend trip we stayed in a lovely Chataeu Mere hotel near Telavi and explored the nearby vicinity. We did this trip as indie travelers, first booked a hotel room, then contacted the hotel and asked for transfer service from our Tbilisi…

Postcards from Telavi


It was on an overcast day, we decided to leave our cozy room at Chateau Mere hotel and go explore Telavi. I've been to Telavi several times, and I always thought there is nothing much to see, except the Telavi market or try khinkali at Kafe - Bari Zodiako. Turns out I was wrong - Telavi has to offer much more. At hotel reception desk we asked for…

Hotel Chateau Mere near Telavi


We booked hotel Chateau Mere Telavi at the start of April 2017 and were hoping to enjoy early spring in Kakheti. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side, and instead we enjoyed a couple of rainy days in a stylish hotel complex. For getting forth and back from our Tbilisi apartment to Chateau Mere in Tbilisi we pre-ordered a shuttle service…

Telavi Market (Buy Georgian Churchkhelas , Spices or House Wine)


Oh, I love fresh vegetable markets, especially those located in Georgia. One of my favorite markets in Georgia is located in Telavi. I remember once I pulled our vehicle of the road near Gori, and we bough a box with tomatoes, see: Fresh Vegetable Market Near Gori Highway - amazing. In today's article I will provide some info about Telavi market,…

Day Trip to Kakheti in Georgia


Day trips to the region of Kakheti in Georgia are quite possible and I would actually recommend taking one if you have a chance. I have explored the region of Kakheti in different ways (mostly by marshrutka and car). I prefer a personal car with a driver. If you feel you are indie or rough traveler you might try marshrukta leaving from Tbilisi.…

Giant Plane Tree in Telavi


There is a biggest tree in Georgia located in the city center of Telavi (Region of Kakheti). It's not only giant, it is more than 900 years old as well. I discovered this tree back in October , 2015, during a day trip to region of Kakheti, we made a 5 minute stop here, I got an opportunity to photograph it with my mom posing next to it. The…