Rose Cottage in Udler, Germany

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Featuring free WiFi and garden views, Rose Cottage is a holiday home, situated in Udler. It provides free private parking.

We booked this place on for a one night stay during our few day leisure trip in Germany, sadly there are few good words I can use to describe our stay here. As this place is one of the few that actually kind of ruined our holidays. Anyhow let's start with positive - the rental property is decent, a lot of plastic roses, but hey it's decent. I haven't been to the UK, but I got feeling that indoor style at house is something British. So far, so good.

About negative: First, rental owners (they seemed like a married couple to me) didn't see too happy seeing us arriving at 9PM - the owner even complained that it doesn't makes him happy, I kindly replied, hey guests uses just for one reason - to book and arrive anytime right?!

Next what followed was rather joke than reality, despite the price we paid (EUR 148) included cleaning fee already (about EUR 70), the landlord lady asked us to clean up after ourselves and sort our garbage - by putting one kind in green bin, second in blue bin e.t.c. I told her, look lady we have already paid cleaning up fee, which IMHO is still a lot, and I don't find it reasonable to sort our garbage. The lady started to get very nervous, told me some bulsh*t how things works in Germany. I started to find it funny and asked should I clean the shower, maybe I should clean WC? What about laundry? 

Next what followed was even worst - grill - luckily we were allowed to use outdoor grill, but kind owner asked me to clean up the barbecue grill without provided any tools for that. Want more? I was asked to deposit 100 EUR deposit money. I started to laugh about these people and asked what's their problem, don't they like Eastern Europeans or something? That was in a bulls eye - after such question they disappeared quickly.

Well of course I felt sad, and this evening was totally ruined. As said, house is decent, but people running it shouldn't work in hospitality. Never.

The famous grill

The famous grill

Rose bedroom

Rose bedroom



What followed next morning was a comedy. Owners arrived in the morning. My partner started to ask some questions to the landlord lady, but landlord lady refused to speak with her, instead she told me, that she feels sick and wont answer on my wife's question. I replied her, well you should stay home then, if you are sick. She get nervous again, almost screamed that she must clean up the house. Sure, sure  - lady for extra EUR 70 I would probably go to work as well.

Next I took the landlord guy to the grill, shoed how nicely clean it is, then we went trough all rooms, seems he counted sheets or something, then said ok, seems it's fine, here you go, here is your EUR 100 deposit back. I told him that I will leave pretty negative review of his place, despite that in fact I like the house, but not the attitude. He started to apologize by saying that there have been people from Dresden who have stolen their sheets and...

People from Dresden and Eastern Europe,  this places doesn't wants you to come here!

Well of course, please forgive me my sarcastic tone, but this was one of the strangest places I have stayed so far. 

The Bottom Line

Sorry guys, although the house is decent, I cannot recommend it and wont provide direct booking URL. These people should stay away from hospitality.


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