Shopping in Tallinn: Ülemiste Mall

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Ulemiste shopping mall is the biggest in Estonia, it features more than 210 stores and has a parking lot capable of handling 1300 cars. 

I don't remember actually why we chose exactly Ulemiste as our shopping destination in Tallinn, most probably somebody recommended it because of Ulemiste being the largest one. We get here by using public bus leaving somewhere from the city center (Don't remember anymore bus number, but ticket price was about one euro)

Ulemiste shopping mall in Tallinn, Estonia

Ulemiste shopping mall in Tallinn, Estonia

Bigger and better than ever before, the new Ülemiste Centre is the largest fashion and family centre in Estonia.


  • A modern, spacious and inspiring shopping and entertainment venue
  • A wide variety of merchandise, offering a multifaceted shopping experience
  • Relaxing areas to eat and meet
  • Shops are grouped into zones according to category
  • Estonia's largest selection of fashion goods
  • Estonia’s largest selection of footwear
  • Estonia’s largest selection of children's goods (including clothing)
  • Estonia’s largest selection of sporting goods
  • Wide selection of electronics
  • Many home furnishing outlets
  • Large variety of restaurants and cafes

I actually don't remember the reason we got here, probably some clothing shopping? All I can remember I bought here is a cheap Chinese USB cable for charging my Samsung phone (we bought two actually) for about two euros at one of the 1 euro boutique shops. I spent about five euros at one of the Ulemiste shopping mall massage chairs (I know it's stupid, but it was my birthday and I had no mood for walking around the malls countless shops)

Industrial landscape in Tallinn (somewhere around Ulemiste shopping mall)

Industrial landscape in Tallinn (somewhere around Ulemiste shopping mall)

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