Silknet - Conversation over phone - Nightmare

Updated: 24 June, 2014 seen 1,220

Silknet is one of the major internet providers in Georgia, it offers great service for great money. But there are times things break up, for example Wi-Fi router. Silknet for their customers is offering some cheap ZTW 300 routers, and that's fine with me as long they work, when they stop to work, it's time to call to Silknet customer service.

And then it sucks - you are getting forwarded from one to another e.t.c. When you get some from the techical department it's just nightmare. The guy who doesn't understand much from DNS, routing and other geeky stuff is starting to teach you, like, you should restart your computer. On my question, should I do it 20 times a day, he keeps repeating - restart your computer!

When I'm answering I have not turned off my computer for 3 months, he is confused. Ok, ok I'm telling him, I have 6 other computers, should I restart all of them?

My aim from this conversation is simple - send to me damn technican who can change the damned ZTW broken router to brand new ZTW router. But no, I must listen other 20 minutes that I have old computer, corrupted programms and other crap from people who knows to solve problems by using magic restart button. Damn I have restarted already some 100 times that crappy router.

Anyway, after some 40 minutes of crappy discussion of and ping, techincan switches me to some mystic level 2, where some other dude wants to keep the same crappy conversation about how dumb I am and how I don't know how to restart laptop. But he does some magic, and things starts working.

The question is - for how long?