SPAR enters Georgian market; SCANIA to produce fuel from wine making waste; Georgia celebrates EU AA and Free Trade

<p>On the other day I spent interesting afternoon walking around one of Tbilisi's neighbourhoods - Saburtalo. Made a ton of instagrams, visited local shopping chain Goodwill, tasted sushi and other different activities.</p><p>On days like that - is great opportunity to observe what is happening around in city and in country. You might ask how? Well, it's easy with your eyes. I usually prefer free business newspapers available in different city's place. So it got my free newspapers at <a href="">Saburtalo Goodwills</a> shopping centre.&nbsp;</p><h2>Georgian Press Review</h2><p><strong>First SPAR supermarket to open in Georgia</strong> - interesting article about Dutches owned supermarkets store, soon will be available in Georgia - it seems that SPAR will acquire two other local Georgian supermarket stores - IOLI and Foodmart. I have no idea what is Foodmart, but IOLI is small chain with few store across the city.</p><p>I guess after entrance in Georgian shopping market - SPAR will aim to get 1st place. On the other hand there are already French Carefour store and the local Goodwill store. Tough competition? Tough competition means lower prices - usually... Anyway - my predictions - after 5-10 years Georgia will be just another shopping mall culture country. Is it bad or Good?</p><p>It depends - my only argument against - many (if not all) small store owners will go bankrupt. On the other hand - it not serious that every second person in city is owner of small food store.</p><p>I will say this - Georgia is transforming to the better side, of course there will be side effects a well. But overall &nbsp;- article about SPAR's entrance into Georgian market leaves me thing that life goes up!</p><p><strong>Wine making waste could become fuel starter in Georgia</strong> - article on Business week. According to this article Sweden's Scania is developing &nbsp;a new business direction - clean fuel production. It's awaited that Scania will opens it sales and service centre in Georgia soon. Again - I have no idea how sales and service center is related to fuel production - I guess it's just a PR move from side of SCANIA to sell their trucks in Georgia, but according to the minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, George Kvirikashvili - technology of fuel from organic waste decreases carbon dioxide emissions by 90%.</p><p>Again as I already said - looks just as a PR move from SCANIA, because I doubt that Georgia's monopolist SOCCAR will allow some swedes to produce fuel here. Anyway - at least some hi-tech news here in Georgia.</p><p><strong>Georgia and EU sign association and free trade agreements</strong> - long and ambitious article on Business Week (cover story) - how Georgia could benefit. In overall I support Georgia's move toward EU, but I stay rather low in Georgia - Russia relations. You migh like to read my own thought regarding to <a href="… EU AA deal</a>.</p><p>Although here is a quick idea - which is still formulating in my head - Actually Russia is interested in closer Georgia - EU relations. What made me to think this? Well &nbsp;- Georgia has improved it's Trade Balance with Russia in last months drastic:</p><blockquote><p>Georgian exports to CIS member states in January-May 2014 stood at $ 627.6 million of which Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia were Georgia's largest export markets.</p></blockquote><p>Although Georgian exports to EU stood at $253 million the same time period.</p><p>And so - taking in consideration notes coming from Russian Foreign policy makers - Russia could protect its market, by putting higher custom tolls to those countries seeking closer ties with EU, the word "could" - makes me think, that regarding to Georgia - Russia will not impose such protective steps. Instead Georgia might become a transit corridor for Russian goods to EU.</p><p>There is a proverb in Russian - "Кавказ дело тонкое" - literally meaning - "Caucasus is a slippery thing"</p><p>Anyway - seems for now Georgian policy makers know what they are doing - and Georgia will benefit both from EU and Russia.</p>