Sponge Cake With Wild Berries

Here comes another post on food blogger series, and again I must admit I'm not the original creator of following sponge cake, my better part is. 

Sponge cake with wild berries

Sponge cake with wild berries

Really cool cake, here is photos and cooking directions:

Biscuit dough:

4 eggs, 4 tbs. flour, 4 tbs. sugar

Cooking directions:

Separate egg white form the egg yolk. Whip egg white to hard foam. Separately whip yolks with 4 tablespoons of sugar. Fold into the egg yolks Whipped egg whites and flour. Bake for about 10-15 minutes in 180-200 degrees. When done baking cut into 3 equal parts.

Cream: Sweet cream with vanilla and sugar.

Between the layers of sponge smear cream.Daub with cream also the top of the cake and decorate with berries. In our case - wild raspberries + blueberries.

Sponge cake with wild berries

Sponge cake with wild berries

Voila - the taste of Summer and yummy.

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