Summer Solstice in Tbilisi (2014)

There are some nations that celebrate Summer Solstice, most of them located in Eastern Europe.

Celebrating Summer Solstice involves having a bonfire. Since in Georgia, nobody celebrates Summer Solstice, and it was a working day, we decided to make a little fiesta on our balcony

How to chill your beer for Summer Solstice (and not only)

Typical food at Eastern European celebrated Summer Solstice includes yeast dough for patties, cheese (Georgian Sulguni), Rosol salads, and beer.

How about a barbecue on the balcony?

The good thing is Georgians don't mind if you bake your chicken barbecue on your balcony; they do it often themselves. The bad thing is that when we chilled the beer, we overflooded our neighbors.

Typical Summer Solstice, right?