Tashir Pizza at EastPoint Mall (Tbilisi)

Updated: 28 February, 2022 seen 502

From local Armenian ex-pat community in Tbilisi we heard that famous Armenian 'Tashir Pizza' has entered market of Georgia. Back at this stage I never had even heard about Tashir Pizza before. 

It was on routine shopping day at East Point shopping mall in suburbs of Tbilisi, when we noticed a Tashir Pizza, since we had heard good words about it we decided to give it a try. And let me share my joy, how surprised I was  - this place is just wonderful - delicious pizzas for real budget prices. I really like their approach serving thin Italian style or thick American style base pizzas. Thus I prefer to cook pizza at home (I do it regularly) - Tashir Pizza - you just made one more loyal customer

Tashir Pizza at East Point mall

Remember this logo/brand as Tashir Pizza has great plans expanding huge across Georgia. According to the company, they intend to open 30 pizzerias in Georgia, 15 in Tbilisi and the other 15 in different cities of Georgia. It is worth mentioning that 23 Tashir Pizza pizzerias work in Armenia. Tashir Pizza largest network is in Russia, where over 270 pizzerias work.

Tashir Pizza

I could discuss about the technology they are using for preparing base for the pizza, but I wont - as the price 9GEL for a large and tasty pizza - explains it all. A friendly reminded - the most unique pizza's you will find in Italy or at my kitchen. Pizza's prepared at venues like Tashir Pizza are machine made. This gives a quality control, which is great. 

Greek salads at Tashir Pizza

The Bottom line

Tashir Pizza rocks. It rocks because of super fast time of preparing and serving pizzas and really affordable prices. On the other hand this is a conveyer place. Our budget for tasty Tashir pizza, Greek salads and two cokes - about 15 lari. Tasty and affordable.