Tbilisi - Baku by Train Ticket Information

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At the end of June 2019, I finally bought train tickets Tbilisi - Baku for early August 2019. I have plans to spend my 34th birthday in Baku, Azerbaijan. 

The train is departing Tbilisi daily at 20:35 and arriving in Baku at 08:50, In total it takes about 12 hours and 30 minutes to get from Tbilisi to Baku by train

It seems there is no option buying tickets online yet for Tbilisi - Baku line (although I found there are some tour agencies selling tickets online, see: International Tbilisi-Baku Train, though the price might be double when using travel agency).

The option we used was visiting Tbilisi Railway station and buying a ticket over the counter and what's even more interesting when buying over the counter it's asked to pay for tickets in cash, despite they have a VISA terminal. On my question why don't we pay by card, the kind cashier replied that the Tbilisi - Baku line is operated by Azerbaijani Railways side and they accept only cash. The cashier was able to speak very good English. 

For purchasing tickets, we had to show our passports (baby passport wasn't asked) and as noted  - cash.

Tbilisi-Baku trains are operated by Azerbaijan Railways

Luckily we had enough cash to buy 2 adult tickets in a separate sleeping car. The price we paid GEL 194 (USD 68) for 2 adult tickets (about GEL 97 per person) in a sleeping car. Our baby girl was allowed to travel free (by the planned travel time she will be 1 year old).

Ticket from Tbilisi to Baku

Ticket from Tbilisi to Baku

Ticket information is provided in Russian.

It's said that the cars are equipped with a climate control system and areas are non-smoking. Carriages are standardized too: SV (Spalniy Vagon) - comfortable sleeping car with 2-bed-compartments, Kupe - regular sleeping car with 4-bed-compartments, Platscart - economy class open "dormitory-style" couchette.

I was able to learn that a price for a person for a kupe is about GEL 54  (~USD 20) - in case you are traveling in a group more than 2 persons, that might be a great option to have a Kupe. 

Here is some additional information I was able to find about Tbilisi - Baku train

Speed: up to 90 km/h
The international train consists of:

  • 1 SV sleeping car with 18 places
  • 1 kupe-compartment carriages with 36 places
  • 1 platskart carriage with 54 place

Unfortunately, it is only available to buy tickets in one direction from Tbilisi, if you are planning to return Baku - Tbilisi the tickets should be acquired in Baku (again it's the latest information at the end of June 2019)

Electronic Visa for Azerbaijan

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