Tbilisi Central Railway Station

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Tbilisi Central Railway Station is a major transport hub in Georgia, serving many domestic and two international routes: Yerevan (Armenia) and Baku (Azerbaijan)

Originally built in 1872, Tbilisi Railway station has undergone various architectural transformations, and currently serves as a combined railway station and shopping mall. The current station building looks like some grand Chinese pagoda made in concrete.

Tbilisi Central Railway station

Major rail lines from Tbilisi central station: Batumi ( with stops at Gori, Khashuri, Kutaisi, Zestaponi), Borjomi, Sadakhlo (Marneuli), Gardabani, Tbilisi airport, Nikozi (Gori), Zugdidi and Poti. For complete map network check out this Georgian railway map (very detailled) made by local expat enthusiast or see official Georgian Railways website (not very detailed).

Electronic timetables at Tbilisi railway station

Traveling in Georgia by railway is fun, and if you have some spare time - definitely try Georgian Railway.

Train from Batumi approaching in Tbilisi railway station

The first central station in Tbilisi was built in 1872, with trains to the black sea port of Poti. In the 1940 the building was demolished and replaced with a building in the style of the Stalinist architecture. In the early 1980s the 1940s building was demolished and replaced by a building in the style of the Brutalist architecture. The architects Bairamashvili, Kavlashvili, G. Shavdia and Jibladze won a State Prize for their work in 1992. In 2010 the station was rehabilitated and transformed into a combined railway station and shopping mall. The transformation was designed by Zwarts & Jansma architects.