Those of you looking to travel from Tbilisi to Yerevan, or from Yerevan to Tbilisi, you have few options to choose - I'm not 100% sure but one of the options is by plain, second option is by train, third option by bus, another option by minibus (marshrutka) - the best option so far I have found is by private taxi car.

Actually I have never traveled to Yerevan by plain or train from Tbilisi. I'm always choosing private taxi car.

‚ÄčUpdate: Request concierge service in Tbilisi and Georgia

By saying taxi car - I do not mean regular taxi - you can chase on every street corner. Probably you can get with them too to Yerevan, but price might be to pricey.

There are literally tons of privately held - semi-official, unofficial firms that offers Tbilisi - Yerevan transfers.

Best of it - they will pick you up at your place, you don't even have to go to some special place in city to be picked up. You can negotiate about best times you want to go e.t.c.

Private taxis are very convenient way to travel here.

Now let's talk about price!

Price will vary - but typical they are asking 50 GEL per person for one direction. To make it easy to calculate for you - 50 GEL equals $29 or EUR 22. This is the same price you would pay for train or marshrutka.

Actually the price could be easily bargained down to 35 GEL ($20 /EUR15)

Anyway driver should agree for 100 GEL in total. Depending how many passengers you are - (the maximum one car can take is 4) - the price will vary.

How to find Tbilisi - Yerevan taxi cars?

One option is to search them in Avlabari (close to Avlabari metro station), another option is in Ortachala station.

For the sake of ease to find them - I will list few of numbers here:


  • +995 593936765 (Georgia)
  • +374 94025224 (Armenia)

Alik usually asks 50 GEL for one way transfer, he drives comfortable Mercedes Benz

Vanik and CO:

  • +995 599145479 (Georgia)
  • +374 91708570 (Armenia)

Vanik has many drivers, and with Vanik you will definitely find a car in any time, price 50 GEL per passenger


  • +374 94929281 (Armenia)
  • +374 55531109 (Armenia)

Aram took us from Yerevan back to Tbilisi for 35 GEL (we were 3 passengers in car)

Yerevan Railway Station

Yerevan Railway Station where we met with our driver Aram

Aram was pretty "crazy" driver and he took us through very beautiful but a bit dangerous road, near lake Sevan up near border of Azerbaijan. Aram was so exited to drive here, to watch Armenian snipers. But he agreed - that if passenger asks for safety reasons he can avoid this dangerous road.

Dangerous Road Near Novemberyan

Dangerous Road Near Novemberyan

Any time you like you can ask a car driver to stop. We did so in one of the Armenian town-lets to buy delicious meat.

Armenian townlet

Armenian town-let

About crossing Georgian/Armenian border

You definitely should have your passport with you. Depending on times you arrive at border point - there could be and there could be not a queue. On Georgian side you will be asked to step out of the car and to cross the border by foot with your belongings.

Georgian/Armenian Border

Georgian Armenian Border

On Armenian side you will stay in your car. The border crossing doesn't take more than 15-20 minutes (usually).

On Armenian side, driver will need to fill out some customs information, so you can enjoy your time, by visiting some coffee on the border.

Oh, yeah in Georgian side there is Tax Free shopping available.

In Conclusion:

Those privately held semi-official (unofficial) taxi companies are one of the best way for fast transfers between Tbilisi and Yerevan. The drives usually takes some 4 and a half to 6 hours. The price varies from 35 - 50 GEL per person. It's recommend you to know some basic Russian or at least have Russian speaking assistant who could help you arrange this transfer.