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Planing a Trip to Spain: How to Get a Prepaid SIM Card in Spain
This weekend I'm going to my first ever trip to Spain. One of the essential things I'll need there is an internet connection. To get a internet I have few...
How To Get Pre-Paid SIM Card In Armenia - VivaCell-MTS
During my short two days trip to Yerevan in Armenia, I decided I will need a local SIM card to make calls and browse internet.There are three mobile phone...
I failed to blog 365 days in a row
Unfortunatelly due to my travels abroad, and despite I have 3G phone, I failed to connect to internet and post blog posts for 2 days. There still is places on...
Magti 3g internet in your phone
Recently I bought my first Android phone, one of the first things I did - I wanted to activate internet on it, I mean mobile internet rather WI-FI.Since I'm...