Magti 3g internet in your phone

Updated: 24 June, 2014 seen 2,687

Recently I bought my first Android phone, one of the first things I did - I wanted to activate internet on it, I mean mobile internet rather WI-FI.

Since I'm customer of Magti (Bani) I turned to Magti office on Rustaveli street to change my old SIM card to micro- SIM card by additional 5GEL charge. I was on rush, and I told that I will enable internet later on my phone by myself.

I then called to Magti info line, to ask for settings for my phone.  Girl via phone told me that I can get 100 MB for 1 GEL for 24 hours. 

It took me a while to activate all the settings. 

I will not write down all these settings here, I will reference you to official Magti user guide on that:

By now, I'm happy I activated 3g internet on my phone, because today electricity has lost in Tbilisi, and I turned my phone to portable Wi-Fi hotspot, and at least I can work. Speed via Magti 3G is pretty awesome.

I have heard that Beeline offers unlimited internet for 7GEL/month - I will check that in close future.

By now I'm happy with my Magti 3G internet,