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Akropolis Shopping Mall in Klaipeda

June 09, 2016
Shopping and entertainment center Akropolis in Klaipeda, most probably is the largest shopping venue in the areay. Those of you who have traveled to Vilnius, most probably will recognize this brand. I first discovered Vilnius Akropolis in 2003 or something.  Now it is time to put Akropolis Klaipeda on map...

Restaurant 'Akropolis' In Linden, Germany

May 31, 2015
Welcome to my second restaurant review in Germany. First one happened some 90 km west from Linden. Read Restaurant Bellini In Andernach, Germany. Today I will write about a Greek style restaurant Akropolis in a lovely German city of Linden (Province of Hesse). The idea to visit this restaurant arise from our...