Autumn in Laidi


Laidi is a village in Laidi parish, Kuldīga municipality, Latvia.  The village is located some 28 km from the county center of Kuldiga and 167 km from Riga. One of the most interesting objects to see: Laidi manor - Built in the early 19th century by the local German nobility, it has housed the Laidi primary school since 1921. In today's Piece of Life series - Autumn in Laidi Beautiful scenary with colourful trees

Colors of Georgia / Failed Attempt to Reach Betania Monastery


It was at the start of October, we decided to visit Betania monastery not far from Tbilisi. We took our almost SUV car - Volkswagen Touareg and started the journey. The road sign said 6,7 km and we will reach the monastery. Cool, I thought, I have wanted to visit this place for ages, let me make some cool drone video. Colors of Georgia, on the road to Betania monastery Little we know that the drive is not the best, and can take about an hour. it was getting dark, our toddler girl was…

Autumn Harvest in The Garden


Back at our rural country house in Latvia, we have a pretty international garden, plants, and flowers from different countries across the world, so, for example, we have a tulip bulbs from the Netherlands, cabbage seeds from the United States of America, some lichens from Georgia, and of course traditional Latvian plants. It was at the end of August 2017, we decided it's the right time to harvest the crop, we planted back in Spring.  In today's Piece of Lifes series - Autumn Harvest 2017…

Autumn in Latvia


In today's Piece of Life photo series a story from Autumn 2016 - when almost all major planned home remodeling works for this Summer were finished, in a dank September morning we decided to catch a morning mist by visiting some nearby objects. Road in mist I love mist photography, in fact i love to capture mist in the early mornings in our backyard, see: Beautiful morning mist and Another morning, another beautiful mist Crop fields in Autumn They look even more beautiful in Summer, see…