Autumn in Latvia

In today's Piece of Life photo series a story from Autumn 2016 - when almost all major planned home remodeling works for this Summer were finished, in a dank September morning we decided to catch a morning mist by visiting some nearby objects.

Road in mist

I love mist photography, in fact i love to capture mist in the early mornings in our backyard, see: Beautiful morning mist and Another morning, another beautiful mist

Crop fields in Autumn

They look even more beautiful in Summer, see: Summer in Latvia

Water reflections

One of the ways to make your photography more interesting is by shooting water and water reflections, see: Water Reflections on Lisi Lake

Road in mist

These are the forests we went gathering mushrooms this Summer, see Deep in the Forest

House in mist

Not ours, but our neighboring Berghof manor

Kazdanga mill lake in Autumn

See: Kazdanga Mill Lake And Its Surroundings