Average Salary in Former Soviet Union 2014


Some time ago I did a comparison of minimum government set wages in Former Soviet Union republics. Today, I decided to figure out - what is the average salaries in those republics. I must admit, it was harder to gather data about average salaries,…

Inequality of Minimum Wages in Former Soviet Union: An Updated Look in 2014


It has been six months since I last analyzed the minimum wages in the former Soviet Union. Although it is not a major factor in economic growth, the minimum wage is still a relevant indicator in understanding a country's economic status. In my…

Minimum Wages in the Former Soviet Union: A Look at 2013


The former Soviet Union was a vast region that encompassed a number of countries with distinct cultures, economies, and political systems. In 2013, the region was still recovering from the economic and political upheavals of the previous decades,…