Alexander Lukashenko To Visit Georgia This April

13 February, 2015 seen 1,051
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is going to pay an official visit to Georgia.He made the statement on 12 February after the Normandy format meeting which took place in the Palace of Independence in Minsk, reports Belarussian news…

Uzari & Maimuna from Belarus Will go to Eurovision 2015 Song Contest in Austria

17 January, 2015 seen 610
15 artists with individual styles and strong voices fought for the honour to represent Belarus in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. But only the winner takes it all – it is Uzari & Maimuna with song Time.The pop songTime is…

Average Salary in Former Soviet Union 2014

7 September, 2014 seen 8,841
Some time ago I did a comparison of minimum government set wages in Former Soviet Union republics. Today, I decided to figure out - what is the average salaries in those republics. I must admit, it was harder to gather data about average…

Inequality of Minimum Wages in Former Soviet Union: An Updated Look in 2014

21 July, 2014 seen 3,822
It has been six months since I last analyzed the minimum wages in the former Soviet Union. Although it is not a major factor in economic growth, the minimum wage is still a relevant indicator in understanding a country's economic status.…

Hockey championship in Belarus

10 May, 2014 seen 616
Hockey championship in Minsk, Belarus has started

Minimum Wages in the Former Soviet Union: A Look at 2013

15 November, 2013 seen 4,393
The former Soviet Union was a vast region that encompassed a number of countries with distinct cultures, economies, and political systems. In 2013, the region was still recovering from the economic and political upheavals of the previous…