Average Salary in Former Soviet Union 2014

Some time ago I did a comparison of minimum government set wages in Former Soviet Union republics. Today, I decided to figure out - what is the average salaries in those republics.

I must admit, it was harder to gather data about average salaries, than gathering data for minimum wages. Seems governments are not eager to share such data. So in this average salary table you will find figures for 2012, 2013 and 2014. Unfortunately it makes this table not 100% reliable, but it gives us some overview.

Average Salary in FSU (2014)

Country Net Salary ($) Year
Estonia 1065 2013
Russia 851 2014
Latvia 745 2014
Lithuania 720 2013
Belarus 596 2014
Azerbaijan 553 2014
Kazakhstan 548 2013
Georgia 413 2012
Kyrgyzstan 383 2014
Armenia 342 2013
Turkmenistan 331 2012
Moldova 263 2012
Ukraine 237 2014
Tajikistan 220 2014
Uzbekistan 203 2013
Average 498  

Again, Estonia continues to beat all records, in 2014 average salary for Estonian was about $1,065. Rumor has it - Estonia plans to catch up income level like in Nordic countries in next 9-14 years. One is for sure Estonia is a role-model for all other former Soviet Countries.

Now, what comes as a surprise for me - is 2nd placed Russia.

First I'm surprised that Russia has greater average salaries than 2 other Baltic republics - Latvia and Lithuania. Second - western mainstream media is trying to sell Russia as a weak and corrupted country (Yes, I believe there is some true), but c'mmon - if you are calling Estonia a success story, you cannot call Russia a disaster. Those two are not even comparable - I mean tiny country with about 1.4 million population with giant Russian working class of millions. 

So, yes for it come as a surprise.

Surprise for me comes Belarus as well - The so called "Last Dictator of Europe - Lukashenko" seems have managed his country in pretty good average salaries. No, I agree with you net salary of $596 is not so great at all - but speaking of overall economic background of former Soviet Republics, it seems pretty OK + taking in account that Belarus offers social benefits and guarantees. State Run economy - doesn't seems so bad in this case.

Azerbaijan, thanks to it's oil rich fields follows Belarus - and and I guess in close future, Azerbaijan-i's could get more than in Belarus and come closes to Baltic state level.

Again Surprise for me - Kazakhstan, while this country shows pretty good GDP per capita level on background of other former Soviet countries, Kazakhstan average salary is less than in Azerbaijan.

Kyrgyzstan with $383 average salary is another surprise for me - by knowing that minimum wage there is just $16 per month, I taught average should be like around $100 - I was wrong. It just indicates, that these Central Asian countries are less social equal, than other.

Country where I'm currently living - Georgia , the average net salary in 2012 was $413, and I believe in those two years it has raised a little bit. In overall with $400 bucks in Georgia you can live pretty good. 

Armenia has less average net salary than in Georgia, but living there seems cheaper as well.

The less is receiving in Uzbekistan - around $200 in month.

Pretty interesting statistics.

More money not always mean better standard of living. I mean in those countries with average salary of $400 bucks standard of living is pretty OK.