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Cycling Tbilisi Embankment - evening ride - Dinamo Arena - Didube


Yesterday was a hot day, it was about 37 Celsius, and I offered to make a cycling after 9:00PM, but we agreed to ride at 7:00PM, at first we stopped for some chicken barbecue at 11 Katkha restaurant near Dinamo Stadium. It turned out - yesterday Georgian National Football team played against Kazakhstan, since our favourite restaurant is located right next to Dinamo Stadium, it was full with folks eager to have a drink before the game. That's another interesting observation -  about 95% of…

Cycling in Tbilisi: Left Embankment of Mtkvari


Left Embankment of Mtkvari is one of the longest asphalt pavement cycling distances in city of Tbilisi - it stretches from Didube to Ortochala (passing Tbilisi Old Town). It is among the easiest routes as well.  For today's cycling assignment I decided to use section Marjinashvili - Didube - Marjinashivli from Left Embankment of Mtkvari Embankment of Mtkvari in Tbilisi is really cool place for riders (and not only), except sudden obstacles, like inappropriate parked cars, or superficially…