Cycling Tbilisi Embankment - evening ride - Dinamo Arena - Didube

Yesterday was a hot day, it was about 37 Celsius, and I offered to make a cycling after 9:00PM, but we agreed to ride at 7:00PM, at first we stopped for some chicken barbecue at 11 Katkha restaurant near Dinamo Stadium. It turned out - yesterday Georgian National Football team played against Kazakhstan, since our favourite restaurant is located right next to Dinamo Stadium, it was full with folks eager to have a drink before the game.

That's another interesting observation -  about 95% of folks there - ordered just beer, and we were left with bad service - although we ordered some food instead of beer. And I believe our total cheque was the same as 10 beer drinkers. But we received 10 times worst service. Georgians tend to serve beer first - this is a pattern I have noticed living in Georgia.

Anyway - after meal we started to wheel. Our route was not new for us - but this time I used Map My Ride Android App, to map this ride and measure the distance (previously I had no clue - how long is this route).

We started from Dinamo Stadium, then headed down to embankment, did some problems crossing the street to get to pathway, but after some 5-8 minutes of staying in middle of street we finally did crossed the street, and headed to Didube. At Didube we had a  brief rest, and then we headed back home.  

Total distance for this route was about 9.24 km and it took less than 1 hour to finish this route, maiking our average speed about 9.6 km/h. At this route there is not much elevation gain, and it's pretty (not to say very) easy route. Of course there are some fishermen fishing in Mtkvari river, or some parked cars to avoid, but overall, nothing to be afraid route. More about obstacles facing on this route and some photos I have added in article - during my first ride here

Although the average speed was about 9.6 km/h, there were tracks where speed reached 16km/h, and maximum speed was 16.9 km/h.

Compared this rode with rode to Tbilisi sea and back, this was very easy and pleasant, and yes it happened in evening, when it was not so damned hot any more.

As well I would like to add that Map My Ride app is very convenient and works with GPS data excellent, there is no need for Wi-FI, or mobile internet to be turned on.

In next month's I hope I will have more rides in Tbilisi and Georgia. We do have some longer rodes in our minds as well - like to ride to David Gareji Monastery and back, or to take a train to Khasuri and make some ride in Surami. Will, see how it's gonna to happen.


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