Invest in These 5 Stocks From The Dow Jones list With Covered Calls and Collect Dividend


One of my preferred investing strategies is investing in stocks from The Dogs of The Dow List.  Currently (2021), these are the Small Dogs of The Dow stocks: DOW, VZ, WBA, CSCO, and KO. In 2021 PFE was replaced by VZ in the Small Dogs list.  In today's article, I will take a quick glimpse at a potential return from investing in these five stocks with options (covered calls) + collecting the dividend during the road. For this example, I'm going to virtually buy 100 shares at each company. All…

3 Trades to Generate $250/mo Selling Covered calls on Dividend Stocks


Selling covered calls I probably love even more than selling naked puts, unfortunately, there are not many good stocks in my portfolio I could sell covered calls to generate decent monthly income yet, but I have a few candidates. In today's article, I'm going to speak about selling covered calls on AT&T, Pfizer, and Cisco systems. Subscribe to the covered calls newsletter (free & paid) Before we get started, here is a brief summary of what is a covered call A covered call refers to…

3 Trades to Generate $200/mo Selling Naked Puts on Dividend Stocks


Selling naked puts on dividend stocks is one of my favorite income-generating strategies. I've been selling options since the end of March 2019, and as a seasoned dividend income investor, I find options as one of the best inventions of our time.  3 Trades to Generate $165 - $350/mo Selling Cash-Secured Put Options Income from options regularly puts food on our family table (or at least buys some candies). To follow up on my trades in almost real-time - subscribe to my newsletter at Covered…