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Simple CSS trick to Make Table Responsive

June 11, 2020
Working on the OptionsBrew.com project (website is powered by Drupal 8) I faced the following responsive table issue while browsing content with a table on smaller screens (phone) Broken Table on a smaller screen Luckily there is a simple CSS workaround: in the .css file add the following to...

How to align Facebook like, Google + and Twitter buttons?

June 11, 2014
Working on a project I faced a problem how to align social share buttons. By default I'm not paying much attention to this, but there are circumstances you must provide clean work. So here is the example: These are social share buttons from my blog, as you can see, Facebook button is not in one line with...

Floating social share buttons

December 06, 2013
Previously I already wrote how to add Facebook like button to your site, using a simple module. Today I'll how how to add floating social share buttons using custom code: Here is an example page: This will work for Facebook, Twitter and Google + buttons: Add this code to your theme files: <...

Image hover effects - how to change background on mouse over

December 05, 2013
Today I faced again some interesting thing to create - on hover image to change the background and display text over it Here is how it looks: On the left side, you can see the default image, while on the right side with mouse over. To achieve such behavior in Drupal is pretty simple, a little bit CSS and you...

Building a Drupal site from scratch - part 8 - Theming subtheme CSS

November 08, 2013
In part 2 of series how to build a Drupal site from scratch, I'm talking about how to create a subtheme from Bootstrap theme.Today I would like to speak how to actually theme it, because just enabled it comes empty,with all files served from Bootstrap mater theme.By default Bootstrap theme is set to be 1200px and...

Building a Drupal site from scratch - part 7 - Theming views

November 07, 2013
In part 4 in tutorial series how to build a Drupal site from scratch, I am showing how to build views. Now let's upgrade them, by adding additional fields and even CSS style.Yes, we will add CSS style directly into our views.Lets go back to our view tours (if you are new to this series, please read how to create a...