Dashbashi Canyon

Dashbashi Canyon & Waterfall with 240 meter long Glass Bridge


If there is a reason to visit Dashbasi canyons near the Tsalka in Georgia - the canyons themselves, cascading waterfall and the glass bridge hanging over the gorge should raise some interest. Dashbashi Canyon Natural Monument is part of Khrami (known as Ktsia at it source) gorge near Dashbashi village, 3 km from the town of Tsalka I first heard…

Tsalka lake & Dashbashi canyon with waterfalls


 This time, our destination was the mesmerizing Tsalka Lake and Dashbashi Canyon, where nature's beauty unfolds in every corner. From hyper-lapses over the tranquil lake to an adrenaline-pumping drone flight over a 240-meter long glass bridge, this weekend was truly one for the books. Fasten your seatbelts, and let's dive into the magic of Tsalka…

Restaurant Pepo near Dashbashi Canyon


Restaurant Pepo is located in the village of Dashbashi, some 200-300 meters from the Saint George Church. The cafe is an ideal base camp for exploring the famous Dashabshi Canyon. That's actually how we discovered this place in July 2020, during an unplanned trip to Tsalka, we decided to look for the "famous" Dashbahsi Canyon, where we found this…

Saint George Church in Dashbashi


St. George's Church  / Ahalkalaki St. George Church is located close to the Tsalka town in the village of Dashbashi. It was in mid-July 2020, when we discovered this place by accident, during an unplanned trip to Tsalka, we decided to look for the "famous" Dashbahsi Canyon, where we found a little cafe and as I had my DJI mini Mavic drone with I…

My First Drone Video / DJI MAVIC MINI


Here comes my first drone video filmed with DJI Mavic Mini drone. DJI Mini Mavic Drone Review Filming locations: our Tbilisi apt, Lisi lake, Rike Park, Dashbashi Canyon. Cinematic music for dramas effect by Scott Holmes / Humanity Quickly made with Adobe Premiere Pro July 2020, Tbilisi