Here comes my first drone video filmed with DJI Mavic Mini drone.

DJI Mini Mavic Drone Review

Filming locations: our Tbilisi apt, Lisi lake, Rike Park, Dashbashi Canyon.
Cinematic music for dramas effect by Scott Holmes / Humanity
Quickly made with Adobe Premiere Pro
July 2020, Tbilisi

Map & Itineary

Lisi Lake in Tbilisi (Georgia)

Lisi lake is a popular recreational area in Tbilisi. Some will find a lazy walk around lake while others will enjoy a mountain biking here. I prefer both. As well I like here capturing spectacular vie...

Rike Park In Tbilisi

Rike park is a landscaped territory located close to the Tbilisi Old Town. You can enter Rike park either crossing the pedestrian bridge of Peace or from the opposite side using stairways from t...

Saint George Church in Dashbashi

St. George's Church  / Ahalkalaki St. George Church is located close to the Tsalka town in the village of Dashbashi. It was in mid-July 2020, when we discovered this place by accident,...