Building Drupal 8 Website From Scratch - Part 3, Essential Modules (Pathauto, Google Analytics, Disqus)

15 June, 2018 seen 246
In the third part of Drupal 8, website building from a scratch series I will focus on a few essential must have, modules to boost Drupal website's SEO and usability. Before continuing to learn how to build a successful Drupal 8 Website,…

How To Fix Mixed Content Errors From Disqus on HTTPS site

28 August, 2017 seen 433
Today I noticed that SSL connection on this blog had errors due to “mixed content”, meaning HTTPS site was loading additional content that was served over insecure HTTP. After a little bit of digging in the console, I discovered that the…

Google+ comments block for Drupal site

12 June, 2014 seen 1,702
Lately I have been paying more attention to power of Google+ and so I decided to give a try to Google+ comments on a Drupal site. Google for me generates about 70-80 percent of traffic, and so I guess most of the users will have Google…