Doing business in Georgia

Buying a Vineyard in Georgia

June 14, 2018
The other day a blog reader asked me about purchasing a vineyard in the Republic of Georgia. I do feel flattered being honored as an expert in such topics, but in fact, I'm not. Sure I have visited a couple of wineries in Georgia (Ch√Ęteau Mukhrani Winery, Wine Tunnel Near Kvareli in Georgia (Winery...

About Setting Up Virtual Trade Zone in Georgia (And Free Industrial Zones)

January 17, 2018
A couple of years ago (in 2012) I met an American entrepreneur John Keogh here in Georgia. Back in these days, office coworking spaces were kind of popular and just obliviously popped up also in Georgia. John had a business in Tbilisi, and in his blog ( he published some cool stuff about his...