Ethereum Classic

Latest Crypto Buy - Bought 3 ETC

29 August, 2018 seen 143
On August 27, 2018 I bought additional 3 ETC coins from Coinbase, paying EUR 10.8 per coin. ETC stands for Ethereum Classic. ETC has been on my radar since December 2017, and actually using my mining rig I have mined couple of coins of ETC…

How to Prepare for Upcoming Callisto Airdrop (Ethereum Classic)

10 February, 2018 seen 11,691
Now, this is huge and exciting for ETC holders - Ethereum Classic development team recently announced the Callisto Network Project which will result in a 1:1 CLO airdrop for ETC holders. As a holder of ETC, and in fact as a miner of ETC (…

How To Mine ETC (Ethereum Classic) with SimpleMining OS

9 February, 2018 seen 10,052
For the past couple of weeks I've been experimenting with crypto mining and started with Claymore's dual miner to learn that I can dual mine both Ethereum and Siacoin out of the box, I put my mining rig as it is and let the machine to mine…