How To Embed Facebook Posts into Drupal CMS

August 19, 2016
OK, I just need to finish this article as it has been in drafts section since November 2013 (Have no clue why I haven't finished it for so long). It's a good idea to finish your drafts once in a while. I believe embedding a Facebook post is not the most desired feature (Twitter status might be), at least I haven't...

Facebook's New Reaction Buttons - Like it, Love it or Be Angry

February 24, 2016
It has been a while already, since the rumors of Facebook to implement dislike button has circulated over the internet, today (February 24) a new Reaction buttons were implemented on Worlds largest social network Worldwide. Today by visiting Facebook I noticed a new emojis on my fan page.  There...

Blog Income Report 2014 - $3,334.20

January 08, 2015
Yesterday I published a round-up post for the total blog traffic in 2014.  It turns out my blog has attracted more than 40,000 unique visitors last year. Today I decided to wrap up a blog income report for the whole of 2014. I have been publishing my blog online income reports starting in January 2014...

How to add Open Graph protocol for your Drupal site

August 31, 2014
Open Graph is protocol used to pass meta data to Facebook, and not only. I will not dig deeper in details about protocol itself, you can find more here: http://ogp.me/ Today I'm willing to share my knowledge, how you can use Open Graph protocol on your Drupal site, and be a super cool on Facebook.By default...

Just got $100 in Linode credit

June 06, 2014
I have been using Linode VPS for almost two years, and always have been very pleased of their services. Time by time Linode offers some great upgrades for their customers at no cost at all.Like storage upgrades, RAM upgrades and other.Yesterday Linode on Facebook achieved 10 000 likes, and they marked this anniversary...

100 Facebook fans reached

January 17, 2014
Today my blog's Facebook fan page reached 100 Fans marks. Thank you dear friends, colleagues and persons interested in stuff I do! Thank you very much.

This is the end

December 31, 2013
Of 2013. :) I didn't know much to write today, as you may, and may not know, I'm running 365 days contest for myself, can I blog 365 days in a row. So even in December 31th and January 1st I must write something.Since today is last day of year, and I have found a huge role of Facebook ADS late this year - I will end...

Best spent $ 5 this year

December 25, 2013
I have previous already wrote, how to gain more fans for your Facebook fan page, using paid options on Facebook. Today, I'm willing to share my joy - how to get more visitors to your site starting just $5. Facebook boost: This es example screen for page I ran. Results of Estimated people you can reach, may...

Facebook share button for Drupal views

December 17, 2013
Some time ago, I created a tutorial showing how you can add a Facebook like button to your Drupal powered site. That tutorial was pretty easy because we used a module. Today I'm willing to show, how to add Facebook share button to Drupal views page. Go to Facebook developer center - https://developers.facebook...

1000 fan mark reached

December 15, 2013
Today, Facebook fan page of Tourgeorgia.EU reached 1000 fans mark!  To reach 1000 fans it took about 2 and half years :) But by the end of 2014 we are willing see at least 5000 fans. You can follow Tourgeorgia.EU Facebook fan page here.

Responsive website - should I convert my site?

December 14, 2013
Should I concern about mobile browsers? Should I optimize my site for responsive browsing? Yes and no!At first - yes, you should invest some time and money to build a mobile devices friendly site. If your site visitors uses Facebook and or twitter, and you promote your content in those sites - answer is - you...

Floating social share buttons

December 06, 2013
Previously I already wrote how to add Facebook like button to your site, using a simple module. Today I'll how how to add floating social share buttons using custom code: Here is an example page: This will work for Facebook, Twitter and Google + buttons: Add this code to your theme files: <...

Fast way to acquire new fans to your Facebook fan page

November 18, 2013
Looking for ways to attract new fans to your Facebook fan page? It costs money :) Facebook promote fan page Head to your fan page, in admin section you will see similar picture as in picture above, click on Promote Page   Choose your audience, by segmenting country, gender, age and topics...

Results of experiment with Facebook scheduled posts

November 17, 2013
Yesterday I wrote about experiment I plan to do - Facebook scheduled posts. And today I'm sharing result of that experiment: Overall - It's total failure. I posted 15 posts on Facebook fan page, but in return I got just 3!!! clicks to website. In previous post I wrote, I would expect that each post...

One day experiment with Facebook scheduled posts

November 16, 2013
I must admit - I'm huge fan of scheduling things. It makes life much easier. As you might noticed even this blog works hand to hand with scheduled posts. Today I decided to make an experiment with scheduled Facebook posts for a page. Background: I have created and maintain a portal Tourgeorgia.EU - Georgia...