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Georgia Projected GDP Forecast 2019 - 2023

March 26, 2019
Wow, time flies, it has been already 5 years since I last time reviewed Georgia's GDP growth rates, back in 2013 I come up with a simple article: Georgia then, now, future Here is what the International Monetary Fund projected for Georgia for 2018: According to IMF, Georgian GDP will rise average 6% per...

Georgia - 5 years latter (Economic Developments 2011-2016)

April 01, 2016
April 1st marks my five year anniversary since I opted to move to this amazing country on the edge where East meets West - Republic of Georgia. Today, to celebrate this small anniversary I decided to take a look back - to see economic developments in Georgia 2011-2016 - how things how changed since I first...

Projected Future Forecast For GDP In Former Soviet Union Block Countries (2014-2019)

March 18, 2015
In past I have created many GDP reviews regarding former Soviet Union republics, but have never made future GDP forecast report yet. In this article that's exactly what I'm doing. Now, Soviet Union doesn't exist for more than 25 years already. Those former 15 republics have gone more or less separate way since...

World Tourism Highlights for 2013, UNWTO 2014 Edition

December 07, 2014
Did you now that 9% of Worlds GDP in 2013 was made thanks to tourism and related services?It turns out that every 1 of 11 employees is employed in tourism sector. Tourism industry in 2013 generated $1.4 trillions in export, what is about 6% of Worlds export and pretty serious 29% of services export.World Tourism...

Top 10 Largest Countries by GDP 2013

September 06, 2014
Last year I started to pay more attention to the TOP 10 largest economies in the World by terms of Gross Domestic Product. It's time to compare them again. Top 20 Largest Economies In The World by GDP Nominal (2019) Gross Domestic Product in TOP 10 Largest Economies 2013 Rank Country...

Estonia To Catch Up Income Level like in Scandinavia in next 9-14 years

September 04, 2014
Last year I red an excellent article pointing out that income level in Estonia could reach level its in Scandinavia in next 10-15 years. Although this article made me smile, I decided to compare - is it real for Estonia to reach level like that? Since its almost a year since  I wrote that article - I decided...

GDP In BRICS Countries 2013

July 30, 2014
BRICS is the acronym of 5 developing countries - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Originally created as BRIC, the South Africa was added in 2010 to this economical group.  BRICS countries with 3 trillion population represents about 40% of Worlds population and is awaited (by some) to have about...

GDP in European Union 2013

July 27, 2014
European Union if looked at it as a whole solid brick economy - could be named as a Worlds largest economy by GDP. But European Union still consists of 28 independent countries. I won't discuss in this article about  - are they really independent, or how dependent National Parliaments are on Brussels,  but I...

GDP In Former Soviet Union 2013

July 24, 2014
It has been already 24 years since collapse of Soviet Union, an empire that once threatened all the rest world with it's mighty military. Although military tough - economical weak. Or I was taught in school - USSR was military giant but economical midget. Well, long are those days of Mighty Soviet Union, what's...

Latvian GDP rises for 2.8% in first quarter 2014

May 11, 2014
Latvian GDP has rised by 2.8% in 2014 first quarter.

Romania - a brief overview

April 30, 2014
Yesterday I took a brief overview of Moldova, today I'm willing to briefly see how neighbouring Romania looks like. Romania - basic dataPopulation: 21.33GDP: 169.4 billion USD (2012)GDP per capita: 7.942 thousands USD (2012)Romania since 2007 is a full member state of European Union. Together with Bulgaria they...

Moldova - a few facts

April 29, 2014
Moldova - a country between EU and Ukraine, member of Eastern Partnership, once a member of mighty Soviet Union. Recently EU liberated VISA FREE Travel for Moldavian citizens to EU. I decided to take a look at this country, which I know just some basic facts (mentioned above)Moldova some basic facts:GDP (2012...

Armenian GDP rise for 3.5%

March 03, 2014
Total GDP in Armenia for 2013 made $ 4 266,8 billions Armenian Dram, what is about $10,4 billion, making 3.5% increase compared to previous (2012) year.Armenian government making forecast for 2013 wanted to see increase 6.2%.According to Armenian State budget, this year forecast is for 5.2%

10 largest countries by military expenditures 2012

November 03, 2013
Which country spends the most for it's military budget?Meet worlds top 10 most richest countries by military expenditures:United States 682.478 $ blnChina 166.107 $ blnRussia 90.749 $ blnUnited Kingdom 61.007 $ blnJapan 59.267 $ blnFrance 58.943 $ blnSaudi Arabia 56.724 $ blnIndia 45.785 $ blnGermany 43.478 $ blnItaly...

Turkey could join Eurasian Union

November 02, 2013
That said makes me think, that Turkey has no serious plans to join Eurasian Union. IMHO Turkey is teasing European Union. And why shouldn't? Turkey has long, long history on it's attempts to join European Union, but there always are some obstacles from EU side. And that makes Turkey angry.From one side - EU is feeling...