Georgia Projected GDP Forecast 2019 - 2023

26 March, 2019 seen 192
Wow, time flies, it has been already 5 years since I last time reviewed Georgia's GDP growth rates, back in 2013 I come up with a simple article: Georgia then, now, future Here is what the International Monetary Fund projected for Georgia…

Georgia - 5 years latter (Economic Developments 2011-2016)

1 April, 2016 seen 244
April 1st marks my five year anniversary since I opted to move to this amazing country on the edge where East meets West - Republic of Georgia. Today, to celebrate this small anniversary I decided to take a look back - to see economic…

Projected Future Forecast For GDP In Former Soviet Union Block Countries (2014-2019)

18 March, 2015 seen 2,615
In past I have created many GDP reviews regarding former Soviet Union republics, but have never made future GDP forecast report yet. In this article that's exactly what I'm doing. Now, Soviet Union doesn't exist for more than 25 years…

World Tourism Highlights for 2013, UNWTO 2014 Edition

7 December, 2014 seen 2,603
Did you now that 9% of Worlds GDP in 2013 was made thanks to tourism and related services?It turns out that every 1 of 11 employees is employed in tourism sector. Tourism industry in 2013 generated $1.4 trillions in export, what is about 6…

Top 10 Largest Countries by GDP 2013

6 September, 2014 seen 39,476
Last year I started to pay more attention to the TOP 10 largest economies in the World by terms of Gross Domestic Product. It's time to compare them again. Top 20 Largest Economies In The World by GDP Nominal (2019) Gross Domestic Product…

Estonia To Catch Up Income Level like in Scandinavia in next 9-14 years

4 September, 2014 seen 1,677
Last year I red an excellent article pointing out that income level in Estonia could reach level its in Scandinavia in next 10-15 years. Although this article made me smile, I decided to compare - is it real for Estonia to reach level like…

BRICS: An Overview of the Five Developing Economies (2013)

30 July, 2014 seen 8,606
The BRICS countries, which include Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, are a group of developing economies that are expected to have a significant impact on the world economy in the coming years. This acronym was created in…

EU Member States' GDP: A Closer Look at Europe's Economic Strength and Diversity (2014)

27 July, 2014 seen 2,175
The European Union (EU) is a massive economic force, with a combined GDP that would make it the world's largest economy if it were viewed as a single entity. However, it is important to remember that the EU is made up of 27 independent…

GDP In Former Soviet Union 2013

24 July, 2014 seen 2,064
The GDP of the former Soviet Union countries has been a topic of interest for many economists, politicians, and individuals alike. The economic performance of these countries is seen as an indicator of their growth and development. In 2013…

Latvian GDP rises for 2.8% in first quarter 2014

11 May, 2014 seen 901
Latvian GDP has rised by 2.8% in 2014 first quarter.