Georgian Railway

Batumi Railway Station


Batumi railway station has been recently constructed and opened for public, making travels by train from Tbilisi to Batumi a little bit easier. Prior that, train stopped at Makjinjauri station (some 7 km from Batumi city center) I took a train…

Tbilisi Central Railway Station


Tbilisi Central Railway Station is a major transport hub in Georgia, serving many domestic and two international routes: Yerevan (Armenia) and Baku (Azerbaijan) Originally built in 1872, Tbilisi Railway station has undergone various architectural…

Georgian railway offers free WiFi


Update: Georgian Railway still (2016) offers free Wi-FI (at least in the Tbilisi - Batumi line), but it is slow because most of the passengers have tuned their devices (laptops and mobile phones) to online video streaming services making this a very…