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Ilia Lake

January 25, 2020
Ilia Lake is located near the town of Kvareli in the region of Kakheti, Georgia. First discovered back in 2014, while staying at Royal Batoni hotel next to the lake. Since then I've headed here several times. It was at the start of 2020 when I learned that this lake actually is manmade.  Ilias...

Top 5 Luxury & Spa Hotels in Kvareli, Georgia

November 09, 2018
Here are the top 3 reasons to visit and stay in Kvareli - health spas, culturally diverse food & beautiful forests. Kvareli is one of the most popular SPA hotel destinations in Georgia, or at least in the region of Kakheti. I've stayed in several hotels in or near the town of Kakheti...

My Sighnaghi Travel Guide

September 09, 2014
Georgia teaches one useful thing - everything is relative - So did happened at last weekend of August, when following previous weekend's trend for getting out of Tbilisi, we decided to book a hotel in remote Napareuli village (some 20 km from Telavi) - so at Saturday morning we decided to take marshrutka to...