Preparation Works For Bathroom - Breaking Ceiling, Demolish A Wall, Pouring Foundation

5 March, 2017 | 241 views

Ok, it took a long, but here I'm returning to the building bathroom from scratch works Here is what we are going to do today: At first we will need to break ceilings or floor at the loft, then we will remove existing inner wall and then we…

Outer Walls from AAC Blocks + Installing Bearing Beams

1 March, 2017 | 1,049 views

As Summer of 2017 is approaching really fast, and I still have so many not post processed images from home remodeling works performed during Summer 206 in Adobe Lightroom library, I decide to extend articles and feature more info in fewer…

Fall Through The Ceiling, Dig a Trench Around Foundations, Stone Wall Concreting

29 January, 2017 | 103 views

Think I have written about all topics mentioned in title already? You are right, I indeed have, see: Digging a trench around existing foundation, Stone Wall Concreting. But that's just for the other part of house, now we are mowing to…