Lopota lake

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Week long trip to Kakheti in Georgia (Lopota Lake, Kvareli)
This is a round-up post from quite an easy, about a week-long, trip to the region of Kakheti in Georgia. We did this trip at the start of June...
August 01, 2020
3 Day Tour in Georgia (Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Kazbegi & Lopota Lake Resort)
Discover Georgia just in 3 days, taste delicious Georgian cuisine and get acquainted with Georgian traditions and historical heritage. [view:...
April 03, 2018
Weekend trip to Telavi (Georgia) and Vicinty
This is a short recap article about our latest trip to the region of Kakheti in Western Georgia, during a weekend trip we stayed in a lovely Chataeu...
June 09, 2017
Lopota lake Resort & Spa
Lopota Lake Resort & Spa is ideal for those seeking a peaceful place to rest. Your personal piece of paradise is located in the Kakheti region of...
May 30, 2017