3 Day Tour in Georgia (Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Kazbegi & Lopota Lake Resort)

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Discover Georgia just in 3 days, taste delicious Georgian cuisine and get acquainted with Georgian traditions and historical heritage.

DAY 1 Tbilisi - Mtskheta

Airport pick up,  Accommodation to the hotel

Sights to visit: Holy Trinity Cathedral, Metekhi Church, Europe Square, Narikala Fortress, Sulfur Baths, Leghvtakhevi Waterfall

Georgia’s large heritage underlies in its religious dogmas and holy monuments that are scattered all over the country paying tribute to centuries-old customs. Holy Trinity Cathedral (Sameba) differs from other churches and cathedrals as it is one of the youngest spiritual masterpieces in Georgia. This is the highest church in Georgia (101 meters high). Holy attributes including stones from Mount Zion and Jordan River and ground from Jerusalem were buried in the foundation of the Cathedral. Dome is covered with gold leaf that shines proudly even in dull weather. When entering the church you feel both museum and eclectic atmospheres under the dome. All the icons have small notes with the names of the saints. You can find a huge handwritten bible near the altar – this is a hard work of contemporary artists.

Another church that is not far from Sameba Cathedral is Metekhi Church that has a perplexed and mysterious history. It was built in the 12th century in the midst of Muslim conquests. It is situated in the so-called Europe Square, in the heart of the Old City. Peacefulness and tranquility overflow the place. You can see the Mtkvari River from the cliff or sit in the small garden and watch the city form a small elevation. Metekhi Church is known for its equestrian monument of Vakhtang Gorgasali – the founder of Tbilisi.

The walks about Europe Square are beloved both by tourists and locals. Lots of entertaining places including restaurants, art-cafes, café-theatres, and just typical Georgian houses could be found in its surroundings.

Narikala Fortress is in the close reach of the Europe Square. A narrow and very steep road goes up to the fortress that used to be a defensive citadel in 17th-18th centuries. Climbing all over the place will give you a perfect viewpoint of the city. The sense of antiquity is in the air particles. It is impossible not to feel yourself a nomad or a wayfarer while sitting on the ancient stones of the Narikala Fortress

A long flight of stone stairs will lead you to another pearl of the Old City – Sulfur Baths and the neighboring Leghvtakhevi Waterfall. It is even said that coming to Tbilisi and not visiting Sulfur Baths equals to going to Paris and not climbing the Eifel Tower. The area of Sulfur Baths imprints immediately in the memory with its circle domes that look like pink watermelons. Once a big part of families in Tbilisi used to have access to this spa water in their own houses but now the Old City is mostly known for its hot springs. Water is and exhaustion.

After passing the area of Sulfur Baths the Leghtakhevi Waterfall is right in 3 minutes to walk. The place of grandeur resembles a canyon with high grey rocks and a narrow river. What really is outstanding – you can find houses at the top of those rocks!

Arrival to Mtskheta

Sights to visit: Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Jvari Monastery

(Lunch or Dinner as desired)

Mtskheta: Going to Mtskheta is exciting. It used to be a capital of Georgia once and now it is just a quiet rural town in the outskirts of Tbilisi. Svetitskoveli Cathedral is like an ancient museum under the sky with lots of tombstones. The history of this place goes back to the 5th century and it is claimed to be the very first church to be built on the territory of Georgia.

Jvari Monastery or the Church of the Cross can be seen at the mountaintop. The monastery is not abundant with murals but the beautiful landscape opens from the small veranda where bodies of two big rivers – Aragvi and Mtkvari merge and create a picture of unforgettable beauty.

DAY 2 Kazbegi

Departure at 9:00

Sights to visit: Jinvali water reservoir, Ananuri Fortress, Gudauri “People’s Friendship” mountain viewpoint, Gergeti Holy Thrinity Church

Jinvali Water Reservoir is on the way to Gudauri ski resort. Ananuri Fortress is an interesting landmark built in 16th century designed for the protection of the surrounding area. You can climb the fortress and look over the Jinvali Reservoir. Also there is an unnaturally narrow dark cellar on the territory of the fortress that leads you into a tiny inner tire.

The next destination is ‘People’s Friendship’ mountain view. It is a mosaic panel erected by Zurab Tsereteli during Soviet times. It is built on the height of 2384 meters. This panel was a sign of friendship with Russia. The view from the mountaintop overwhelms even the calmest hearts as the green mountains and dense fog create a natural masterpiece. Photos taken and flavor of fresh air breathed in there will be a perfect reminiscence.

Gergeti Holy Thrinity Church is a place for real anchorites. It is placed on the high mountain in Kazbegi. The car way disappears in the thick forest. It is possible to reach the top on foot but it means you will have to cross the mountain and climb its foot. Extraordinary bass-reliefs are all around the church and make it look outstanding at the height of 2170 meters. The place seems to be covered in a fog all year long and has its microclimate with light drizzling rain.

(Lunch or Dinner as desired)

Return to Tbilisi

DAY 3 Kakheti

Departure at 9:00

Sights to visit: Sighnaghi, Lopota Resort (overnight stay)

Signaghi is known as the ‘City of Love’ or ‘Georgian San-Marino’. It was restored about 10 years ago so that it even became unrecognizable for the native Georgians. Hospitality and charm of the city strike you from the first seconds. The city throughout the flow of history was not intruded by the conquerors and that is why it is really in a good shape. ‘Love city’ with its ornate and narrow streets is already attraction itself. Sighaghi is known for St. Nino monastery named after the saint who brought Christianity to Georgia. Sunny city of Signaghi will strike you with the abundance of wine and tasty food. It is a real paradise for people who prefer hot weather to rainy days.

Lopota Resort was one of the first luxury hotels on Kakheti territory. Service is on the highest level and equals to European grand hotel services. In hot weather, it is an island of hidden paradise with a big artificial lake and huge swimming pools. The rooms are decorated in a classical style and guests can degust wine on the balcony with the lake view. Golf, horse-riding, fishing, football – these are all the kinds of engagements available for the guests in Lopota.

Return to Tbilisi

Airport drop off


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