Restaurant Antica Drogheria in Lucca, Italy


Restaurant Antica Drogheria is located in Lucca, Italy, we discovered this restaurant by accident, just shortly checked in at Albergo Celide hotel and decided to make an evening walk beyond Lucca's city wall. And here it was - another great Italian restaurant located on  Via Elisa, 5. Antica Drogheria in Lucca, Italy We had to wait for about…

Albergo Celide Hotel Review in Lucca, Italy


Albergo Celide is a four star hotel located in Lucca, Italy, we stayed here overnight at the end of 2015, although this is a four star hotel, speaking of staff members I can call it barely one star hotel.  Probably arriving to this hotel requests that you arrive in a suite or evening gown, since we arrived here from Milan after some 5 hour drive…

A Little Bit From Italian Riviera (Somewhere Around Genoa)


Just shortly we landed at Milan/Malpensa airport and stayed at lovely Holiday Inn Express hotel, in the next morning we started to head to Genoa. Unfortunately I did not paid much attention to all the small town lets located next to the sea, and know by writting these lines I wonder what names does actually these lovely places bear.  The fun fact…