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Temporarily Disabling E-mail subscriptions and Push Notifications

May 24, 2018
With upcoming GDPR regulation on May 26th, 2018, there is a lot of uncertainty for webmasters (at least for me), to be on the safe side - I've decided temporally to disable both new e-mail subscriptions and subscriptions for a push notifications.  There is no guaranteed time frame when both features...

How To Remove HTML Elements From Drupal 7 Feed

April 20, 2017
In this article you will learn how to style RSS feed in Drupal 7 (not sure, but most bellow written should apply to Drupal 8 as well) I'm using RSS feeds to power up e-mail newsletters, see How To Sync Drupal RSS Feed to Mailchimp, and everything would be fine, except I had to stop automated email...

How To Sync Drupal RSS Feed to Mailchimp

September 29, 2016
RSS is not dead, it's more than alive - nowadays it's used to sync content across services and devices. After finishing installing push notifications for my blog I decided to re-check my e-mail marketing strategy. Wow, it's hard to compare actually - I got about 200 push notifications subscribers in less than 3...

December 2015 Blog Traffic And Income Report 43,941 Users / $ 1,524.09

January 15, 2016
Welcome to the #24 traffic and income report covering blog traffic and earnings/expenses for December 2015. #24 means just one - It marks two year anniversary since I started to share with public my online earnings/ expenses. Wow, two years are a lot actually. You might wonder why should me ...

How to add MailChimp Signup Form for Drupal

November 25, 2015
After being blogging for more than two years already and finally reached about 40,000 monthly unique visitors to my blog I decided it's time to set up an email newsletter. I knew there are some Drupal modules already, but I ended with a very simple solution not involving any of them (modules). I have been using...