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Daytrip to Manglisi

September 22, 2019
Originally it was planned as a day trip to Dashbashi canyon near Tsalka, but at the end, we reached Buratino lake near Manglisi. Let me explain, the previous week we headed up to Tskneti and further to Kojori, but discovered there is a road connecting Kojori to Algeti national park up from there, and...

Buratino Lake

September 15, 2019
Buratino lake is a relatively small, artificial (man-made) water reservoir near Manglisi town in the region of Kvemo Kartli, Georgia. We first discovered and visited Buratino lake in the mid-August 2019, after getting directions here from the Algeti Visitors center. Just shortly before getting...

Manglisi Cathedral

September 08, 2019
Manglisi Cathedral or Manglisi Sioni Cathedral is a 6th-7th-century Georgian Orthodox cathedral near the town of Manglisi, Tetritsqaro Municipality, Georgia. For me, it was interesting to observe the traditional cross from the Russian orthodox church decorating the top of...

Algeti National Park Visitor Center Manglisi

August 25, 2019
The main entrance of the national park is located near the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary of Manglisi. Algeti National Park Administration has a small infrastructural unit – a picnic area with auxiliary buildings and a forest adventure park.  Algeti has been on our radar ever since we...