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Building GPU (Ethereum) Mining Rig from Scratch - Part 2 Assembling

19 March, 2019 seen 483
I originally built this mining rig back in December 2017 (during the golden days of crypto), I've unplugged this rig from electricity since September 2018, but I might turn it on again in 2019. Today's article is the second and final part…

Mining Ethereum With Asus Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB ROG Strix OC Edition Review

28 January, 2018 seen 5,560
Asus Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB ROG Strix OC Edition is the latest addition to my Ethereum mining rig, which currently consists of 4 GPU.  Bought back in Tbilisi, and I believe that I just overpaid about $100 for this card, in total spending…

Top Bitcoin Mining Equipment - Best Selling Antminers on Amazon 2018

22 January, 2018 seen 1,659
You have several options if looking to mine bitcoin in 2018 - you could start with cloud mining contracts or you could go all-in and buy specific equipment for bitcoin mining. Speaking from my personal experience - I've been mining…

Mining Ethereum With EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 (Single Fan), 6GB GDDR5 Review

19 January, 2018 seen 10,370
This EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SC GAMING, ACX 2.0 (Single Fan), 6GB GDDR5 is the second graphics card I've put on test for mining Ethereum. Bought from Amazon, together with the rest of mining rig equipment at the end of December, paid about $… Review 2018 - Mining Ethereum at 28MH/s

10 January, 2018 seen 1,777
I've been mining ether since December 16, 2017, the total hash power currently is about 28MH/s. That's about 1/5 from the planned hash power in 2018.  It all started with a single GPU installed at one of the free office computers, later it…

Mining with SAPPHIRE PULSE Radeon™ RX 560 4GD5 Review

17 December, 2017 seen 6,233
This Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 560 4GB graphics card is the first I've put on test for mining ethereum. Bought it at about $190 at local Tbilisi electronics shop, but you could get this card from Amazon for about $130. Out of the box, I was…

Buying Graphic Cards (GPU) and Computer Parts in Tbilisi, Georgia

13 December, 2017 seen 1,518
It should be noted that buying GPU's in Tbilisi is not a very cost-effective option, better use and service like to deliver your goodies to Georgia. But if you are in rush, as I was today, and you are desperate…

Top 14 Best Selling GPU Cards 2018

11 December, 2017 seen 3,671
Looking to build your first mining rig in 2018? Probably to extend and upgrade existing one? As just a couple of days ago I decided to go with my first ethereum mining rig setup (see: Building a 12 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig From Scratch -…

Building a 12 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig From Scratch - Part 1: Ordering Details

8 December, 2017 seen 10,216
I love testing ideas and even more than just testing new ideas I love testing them using Minimum viable product approach.   I've been in a crypto craze for a while already - started with buy and hold, added little speculative trades, tried…