Dwarpool.com Review 2018 - Mining Ethereum at 28MH/s

I've been mining ether since December 16, 2017, the total hash power currently is about 28MH/s. That's about 1/5 from the planned hash power in 2018. 

It all started with a single GPU installed at one of the free office computers, later it has been extended to custom-built GPU mining rig and some optimization done. Past couple of weeks have been a nice learning curve, I have created many articles on mining with GPU, and they are among the most popular in 2018. Without doubts - crypto mining is a hot topic in 2018.

See the complete list of articles for the past developments:

I opted to use Simple Mining OS, to handle my mining rig and enabled most of the default settings there. Out of the box settings at Simple Mining OS offers mining Ethereum at Dwarfpool.com. Those past couples of weeks ago I didn't even know any other pools, stuck with what I was offered out of the box.

Here is bit background info about Dwarfpool, see: Choosing the Best Ethereum Mining Pool

Once a market leader, Dwarfpool is now smaller with only ~4.3% of the Ethereum network hash rate. Like Ethpool/Ethermine and Nanopool, Dwarfpool charges a 1% fee on block rewards.

Your account balance needs to reach 1.01 Ethereum before payout and the pool pays out 6 times per day. Unless you’re mining with a powerful mining rig or using multiple miners, you may want to join a pool with a lower payout minimum.

Dwarfpool also supports the mining of other coins such as Monero, Zcash, Expanse, and Groestlcoin.

From my side, I should add, that Dwarfpool actually allows 0.05 minimum ether payouts if requested manually. And that's what I actually just did, withdraw: 0.05 ETH from Dwarfpool mining pool to my Ethreum Wallet:

Dwarfpool payout

Dwarfpool payout

It took me about 20 days to reach a minimum threshold of 0.05 ETH, but on the other hand, for the first 10 days, I was mining with about 10Mh/s, then for another 7 days with about 24 MH/s and just for the past couple of days at 28MH/s.

With 28MH/s constant, it would ask about 17-18days to reach 0.05 ETH. 

So far everything looks good. I'm fine with 1% mining fee I'm paying to the pool. Also, I plan to increase hashing power to about 38-40 MH/s in next couple of days by adding another Radeon RX 560 graphics card to the mining rig. See: Mining with SAPPHIRE PULSE Radeon™ RX 560 4GD5 Review