Stratfor: How Currency Woes Undermine Georgia, Moldova

March 17, 2015
Governments across the former Soviet Union have felt the impact of currency devaluations, but currency depreciations and related economic problems in Georgia and Moldova are exposing their governments to major political pitfalls this year, including even potential government collapse. Both countries have been pursuing...

Eduard Romanyuta wins the Moldovan final (Eurovision 2015)

March 03, 2015
The Moldovan national final O Melodie Pentru Europa is one of the most popular and favourite music shows of the year. That's why to win this selection is a big honour. Tonight, Eduard Romanyuta convinced the expert jury and the TV viewers with his performance and thus, was chosen to represent Moldova in the 2015...

Georgia Expects Visa Free Travel to EU by End of 2015

August 21, 2014
Georgian citizens might have Visa Free Travel with European Union (Schengen area) by end of 2015 or at start of 2016 - told Georgian Minister of Foreign Affairs - Maia Panjikidze on live translations on Imedi TV station, Wednesday, August 20, according to NewsGeorgia I have a assumption based on realistic data...

Minimum Wages in Former Soviet Union 2014

July 21, 2014
Some time ago I already did a chart of minimum wages in Former Soviet Union, now some time - about 6 months have passed and I decided to take a look to minimum wages in Former Soviet Union one more time. Although minimum wages doesn't play major role on economic boost, it's still an indicator I like to know when...

Georgia has signed Association Agreement with European Union

June 27, 2014
Today, June 27Th is a "magnificent" day for Georgia, or at least it's politics. Today Georgia in Brussels has signed Association Agreement with European Union. Together with Georgia association agreement was signed by Ukraine and Moldova as wellWhy I'm saying "magnificent" - let me explain:I'm neither Euro-pessimist...

South Ossetia wants to join Russia

June 24, 2014
Separatist republic of South Ossetia, which separated from Georgia after short 5 days Georgia-Russia war, will held a referendum to join Russian Federation.I presume that right now while all world is watching events happening in Ukraine, Donbass, Slavyansk, few have heard about situation in South Ossetia.On the other...

Romania - a brief overview

April 30, 2014
Yesterday I took a brief overview of Moldova, today I'm willing to briefly see how neighbouring Romania looks like. Romania - basic dataPopulation: 21.33GDP: 169.4 billion USD (2012)GDP per capita: 7.942 thousands USD (2012)Romania since 2007 is a full member state of European Union. Together with Bulgaria they...

Moldova - a few facts

April 29, 2014
Moldova - a country between EU and Ukraine, member of Eastern Partnership, once a member of mighty Soviet Union. Recently EU liberated VISA FREE Travel for Moldavian citizens to EU. I decided to take a look at this country, which I know just some basic facts (mentioned above)Moldova some basic facts:GDP (2012...

Moldova - EU Visa Free Travel

April 27, 2014
Molodvan citizens will no longer need Visa to travel to European Union, starting April 28Th, 2014.Found this news on Reuters site.I guess it's not long time to wait to see Visa Free travel to EU for Georgian citizens as well.─ľU citizens already can enter Moldova and stay up to 90 days Visa free. 

Transnistria - the western outpost of Russia

December 20, 2013
Kinda provocative documentary about Republic of Transnistria. About role of Russia to "stabilize" separatist region of Transnistria. Moldova un Romania.. Wouldn't call this a masterpiece, actually it's crappy propaganda, but if you are interesting about life in Transnistria, you should see this. This documentary is in...

Will Ukraine sign Association agreement? Doubt that!

November 20, 2013
On November 28-29th in Lithuanian capital city Vilnius will be held Eastern Partnership summit, where it's awaited that Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova will sign an Association agreement.IMHO - Ukraine will not sign this agreement? Why not? First of all - it's huge hoax. Ukraine and EU? Seriously? It's more to show Russia,...

Minimum wages in former Soviet Union

November 15, 2013
Previously I have already measured and compared minimum wages in Baltic states, Caucasus and Central Asia. All of these once was a part of Soviet Union. Today I'm willing to measure minimum wages in all former 15 republics of Soviet Union.   $ Estonia 427...