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Armenia on EEU Deal

October 16, 2014
I have been closely watching Armenia's move toward Eurasian Union, today I found a great article on ArmeniaNow - were Armenian reporter has putted all dots on i.I'm republishing this article full, unchanged you can read original here.From Moscow With Love: Armenian reporter finds neo-Soviet Russia on “pro-Eurasian”...

Nagorno Karabakh - Frozen conflict

June 28, 2014
Today I spent a pleasant afternoon in one of the many Tbilisi parks on Eristavi street. I noticed there lives (or at least walks) a lot of American people. Anyway I had a lot of free time and I decided to buy some newspaper in English. I walked to newspaper stands but there were only newspapers and magazines in...

Armenia, then, now - future

October 16, 2013
Recently I wrote an article about Georgia, then, now - future, this time I would like to write about Armenia. Landlocked land, with huge economic problems, ongoing conflicts with neighboring Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karbakh region. A country that plans to enter Eurasian Union on January 1st, 2014.   Let's...