How to Install Drupal 8 with Nginx, PHP-FPM, MySQL, phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 16.04 - Linode Guide

December 14, 2017
In this article, you will learn how to set up a Drupal 8 with Nginx, PHP-FPM, MySQL and phpMyAdmin. This article might not be complete, but you will find a lot of useful information Update: How to Install Drupal 8 with Nginx, PHP-FPM 7.2, MySQL, phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 18.04 - Linode Guide Prerequisites...

How to Install & Config Drupal 8 on Ubuntu 14.04 + Ngnix

November 01, 2016
In this article I will provide information how to install latest Drupal 8 version on Ubuntu 14.04 machine with Nginx. Tools involved: Putty, Notepad++ I assume you have already configured Nginx on your machine, if not, here is a tutorial for LEMP Server Ubuntu 12.04 for serving Drupal on Nginx, don't be...

Redirect non www to www - Apache .htaccess

April 10, 2014
It has been years since I last time used .htaccess file available in Apache. I'm using Ngnix servers for 99.9 of mine work. But today I had an opportunity to work on Apache environment, which uses .htaccess file. So in order to rewrite non www to www in Apache I added following rulles to .htaccess file:...

Careful with do-follow links

December 21, 2013
August 14th suddenly one of sites I maintain increased absolute drop of traffic from Google.At first I panicked. I did research, and didn't find nothing useless from other webmasters reporting similar behavior. Then I give up. Then I decided to forget about Google,and continue to work with site, deep in my hear hoping...

How to configure postmarkapp to work with Drupal webform

December 12, 2013
If you are running your site under Apache then most probably your server will be auto configured with mail send module. But if you are running, lets say Ngnix without mail send function enabled, then you might consider some options to send e-mails from your site. And one of this options is to use

Ngnix Redirect To WWW

November 24, 2013
You already probably know that search engines (Google) see www as a separate domain. If you are not using 301 redirects you might get penalized for duplicate content. Anyway - the topic of this article is not an SEO lesson, but a solution how to permanently redirect non www to www   Since I'm running on Ngnix...

How To Setup Ngnix Default Domain For Not Configured Domains or IP Address

November 23, 2013
Yesterday I wrote, a little bit about my problems with wrong indexed links in Google. Today I will provide a simple guide on  how to configure Ngnix to display 404 page for not configured domains and your servers IP address. For a basic server setup see: LEMP Server Ubuntu 12.04 for serving Drupal on Nginx...

Problems with Ngnix default domain - solved

November 22, 2013
Today I stuck with weird problem - links from site I expected to be indexed on Google, was indexed but not from that domain. Links were indexed by IP and other domain names I ran on my VPS. Something went wrong, terribly wrong: By searching for one phrase, Google gaved back results on domains and IP, not the...