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Hiking Route in Georgia - Norio Village - Martkopi Monastery

Hiking from Norio village to Martkopi monastery is about 10km long distance (forth and back), best done in Spring, Summer or early Autumn. The route is pretty steep, though covered with asphalt, there are parts of damaged surface and some agility is needed.  The route offers kind of Wilderness in Georgia views, with ruined bridge, tumble asphalt, livestock with a really nice Martkopi monastery at the end of the route. Tip: You could get to the Norio village just for 1.5...

Norio Village

Norio village is located in Gardabani district some 50 km from Gardabani and 25 km from nations capital Tbilisi. My travels took me to Norio village at the end of February 2017, when we decided to make a lovely hiking trip to Martkopi monastery, we decided to travel here by public transport, in our case it was a marshrutka service leaving from Tbilisi (Samgori metro station). Marshrutka final stop at Norio village in Georgia Ride is marshrutka cost 1.5 GEL (as of...