Hiking Route in Georgia - Norio Village - Martkopi Monastery

Updated: 24 September, 2020 seen 536

Hiking from Norio village to Martkopi monastery is about 10km long distance (forth and back), best done in Spring, Summer or early Autumn. The route is pretty steep, though covered with asphalt, there are parts of damaged surface and some agility is needed. 

Update: We originally did this hiking path back in 2017. in 2020 there is a new asphalt road built reaching the monastery complex

The route offers kind of Wilderness in Georgia views, with ruined bridge, tumble asphalt, livestock with a really nice Martkopi monastery at the end of the route.

Tip: You could get to the Norio village just for 1.5 GEL in about 30 minutes from  Samgori metro station in Tbilisi


We decided to take this hiking route at the end of February 2017, here are a few shots from our route

At the start of route in Norio Village

It was a nice and sunny Saturday in February 2017. With help of Google Maps we started our route just after left marshrutka

First obstacles - mud puddle 

It was a good test for my Aldo leather shoes I bought in NYC few month before. It also reminded me another hiking route we did and failed to complete because of landslides in Tbilisi - Failed attempt to complete Tskneti - Turtle lake hiking route


It wouldn't be Georgia without cows crossing your path

View towards Martkopi monastery

It will ask about one more kilometer to reach our final destination - Martkopi monastery, and that will be the toughest mile (kilometer). As snow is still keeping in the upper ranges of mountains - the rest of the path is kind of mud puddle hell.

We did it - at top at Martkopi monastery

Yes, it's time to buy new Aldo shoes.

View near Martkopi monastery

The Bottom Line

This was intermediate hiking route, but I guess it would be easy to handle in Spring (after snow has melted), Summer and early Autumn. In total (forth and back) it took us about 4 hours to complete this route and a very good sleep in the night